Last update: April 2021Vingo Hosting TOS

Dear clients, by ordering any of our services we will consider that you have agreed to these terms and conditions:

Prohibited Uses (Web Hosting):

Pornographic Content.
– Chat/Dating scripts.
- Investment and HYIP websites.
- Hacking or spyware.
– Cracking accounts
– Netscan and any type of port scanning.
– Phishing or information gathering.
– Nulled scripts.
– Any Fraud Tactics
– Content against any religion.
- Uploading single big files
– Sites containing hate speech or racism.
– Malware or viruses.
– Bitcoin mining.
– Content that violates the law of any state.
– Music or movies websites.
– File upload websites.
- DDoS attack scripts.
Sending spam/scam emails
Marketing Emails
- Overloading the server with any PHP scripts.
- Copyrighted content and any content subject to trademark / copyright / DMCA / or any law.
- PayPal, Visa, Netflix, etc. valid Account checkers
Using the service for any fraud, tactical fraud, scam, spam, illegal things
– Scam or spam websites or any websites that violate the law, Any illegal content is prohibited.

Backup Policy:

- We take daily backups of the web hosting services of all the clients who are using less than 20GB space.

* The data safety section applies to the backup policy. It's the client responsibility to take regular backups although we do the backups according the policy explained above.

Prohibited Uses (VPS Hosting):

DDoS Attacks.
- Net Scan and any type of port scanning
- Hacking or spyware
- Sending spam emails or marketing emails
- Hosting a website containing any material of our web hosting prohibited uses except hosting big files
- Cryptocurrencies mining with any method
- Any illegal content
- Any thing that could harm our infrastructure, us, our servers
– Content that violates the law of any state.

Anti-Spam Policy (For VPS servers only):

- The mail ports are closed for our VPS servers and it can be allowed by our support in specific cases after a valid reason for the usage.

Uptime Guarantee:

-Our uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance and DDoS Attacks. We guarantee 99.95% uptime per month for all of our services.

Fair Usage:

You ACKNOWLEDGE that Vingo Hosting has the right to suspend/terminate or take actions with any service that affect the quality of our services.

Data safety:

YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REGULARLY BACK-UP AND MAINTAIN COPIES OF YOUR DATA OUTSIDE OF VINGO HOSTINGS NETWORK. Vingo Hosting is not responsible for any data loss or corruption, including that result from: (i) our authorized actions, (ii) those actions you take using the Services, (iii) hardware failures, (iv) any software or other technology failures, or (v) account termination, cancellation, or suspension.

Refund Policy:

You can request a refund only if you had an issue and we were not able to solve it. Otherwise there are no refunds. There are no refunds for the domain names under any circumstances.

Suspention & Termination Policy:

your website gets suspended in the due date. You can still renew it and unsuspend your service and get your systems back working. After 5 days of suspension, your service gets terminated and all of your data (files, databases and everything that is uploaded to the server/host) get deleted and you will not be able to restore them once again.

The word “Unlimited” means the fair usage of the unlimited specifications because your website is hosted on a server that host many websites you shouldn’t overload it.

Note : We have the rights to suspend/terminate any website that contains any material of the prohibited content without providing a refund.

Note : We have the rights to change/remove any of these terms at any time, so please review this page periodically.

You can report violation of ToS here :

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